Should I Hire A Real Estate Attorney For Closing?

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Buying and selling property is a major life event. Will your real estate agent advise you to hire a real estate attorney? Most likely the answer is no.

While Florida law may not require that an attorney is hired to complete a real estate closing, there are several benefits you receive when you bypass a title company and use an experienced real estate attorney like Overstreet Law, PA to handle your closing when buying or selling property.

The most important reason to use a real estate attorney to handle your closing instead of a title company is to protect your interests!

By avoiding costly mistakes, confirming contract compliance, and providing legal guidance a real estate attorney works for YOU whereas a title company works for the title insurer. This is an important distinction because that means your real estate attorney is there specifically to look out for your best interests and help YOU save money!

The contract between a buyer and seller can be complex. With the housing market seemingly on fire these days, homes are selling almost as fast as they are put on the market. Once a contract is signed and accepted by both parties it is legally binding, and neither party can simply change their mind.

One question we receive a lot is how do you know when to hire a real estate attorney if your real estate agent isn't recommending one?

The answer is simple – you should engage a real estate attorney BEFORE you sign the Contract; buyers and sellers both benefit from having someone double-check all the fine print of the agreement to make sure it has their best interests in mind.

Today's housing demand can result in contracts that leave out important protections for the buyer or include vague language for non-standard agreements between the parties that could have easily been fixed by having a real estate attorney involved.

Alexander Pope, the poet of enlightenment wrote a line in his poem An Essay on Criticism, Part II ‘To err is human; to forgive divine.' More simply explained, it is natural for humans to make mistakes but that we should forgive when mistakes are made. This is a far easier concept to believe in and a much more difficult one to put into practice. Especially, when the mistake involves contractual obligations that can cost time and money.

There are many steps in a real estate transaction that can potentially cause delays or cost either the buyer or the seller additional resources. Attorneys can provide legal advice on the best way to handle the issue, as well as prepare necessary documents. When you work with Overstreet Law, P.A, they bring years of experience to the table with them that help avoid these issues before they become costly problems.

By hiring knowledgeable professional real estate attorneys, like the attorneys at Overstreet Law, P.A to protect your interests and investments you receive the added benefit of peace of mind! Call us or contact us online for a confidential consultation, and we'll let you know what to expect and how we can help!

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