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What To Expect During The Home Closing Process

When you are ready to buy your first (or second, or third) home, it’s important that you know what to expect throughout the home closing process, and how working with an experienced real estate attorney helps keep the process running smoothly and protects your rights and interests at every turn. Contingency Considerations Most times, when […]

Asset Protection For Married Couples: Tenants By Entireties

Many states have tenants by entireties protection, though the types of property covered and the eligible relationships between tenants vary from state to state. In Florida, tenants by entireties must be married couples (no other relationships qualify), and the property that can be protected includes both real property (real estate) and other tangible or intangible […]


If I Don’t Have Any Assets, Why Do I Need A Will?

Estate planning may sound like something wealthy people do to make sure their businesses, mansions, and money go to the people they wish after they die. In fact, it goes far beyond making a will, and it’s something every adult, at every stage of life, ought to do, whether or not they have financially significant […]

La interminable estafa de inmigración: Fraude del notario

El fraude del notario ha sido un problema durante décadas. Este tipo de fraude ocurre cuando los individuos se presentan a sí mismos como profesionales legales, pero en realidad no están admitidos para ejercer el derecho en una jurisdicción en los Estados Unidos. En Florida, al igual que en otros estados, es un delito mayor […]


Why Millennials Need Wills, Too

The Millennial Generation is at the beginning of its adult life, and many Millennials are far more concerned about starting careers, buying homes, paying off college, and starting families than they are about planning their estates. Many believe that it’s too soon to start thinking about estate planning because they are young and healthy. At […]


Estate Planning Is Twice As Important In A Second Marriage

Preparing a will is important for Florida residents of all ages. When you’re planning to enter into a second marriage, or you’re already married for the second or subsequent time, thorough estate planning goes well beyond leaving a simple will, and it’s a critical step in ensuring that your assets are ultimately distributed as you […]

POWER OF WOMEN IN LAW – Jennifer Bondy

Jennifer Bondy is a partner at Overstreet Law, P.A. She earned her Juris Doctorate in 2013 from Stetson University College of Law and has focused the last six years of her career on the practice of residential and commercial real estate transactions, probate, and estate planning. Mrs. Bondy puts her knowledge and experience to use […]

¿Por qué necesito legalizar un testamento?

Muchas personas planean su sucesión de bienes mediante la creación de su última voluntad y testamento que específica cómo quieren que se distribuyan sus bienes después de su muerte. Desafortunadamente, es un error común pensar que la creación de un testamento se encarga de todo y evita el requisito de que la sucesión pase por […]


Why Do I Need Probate If I Have A Will?

Many people plan their estate succession by creating a Last Will and Testament that specifies how they want their assets distributed after they die. Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that creating a Will takes care of everything and avoids the requirement for the estate to go through the Florida probate process. While certain assets don’t […]