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Why Millennials Need Wills, Too

The Millennial Generation is at the beginning of its adult life, and many Millennials are far more concerned about starting careers, buying homes, paying off college, and starting families than they are about planning their estates. Many believe that it’s too soon to start thinking about estate planning because they are young and healthy. At […]

POWER OF WOMEN IN LAW – Jennifer Bondy

Jennifer Bondy is a partner at Overstreet, Miles, Cumbie, Finkenbinder & Bondy, P.A. She earned her Juris Doctorate in 2013 from Stetson University College of Law and has focused the last six years of her career on the practice of residential and commercial real estate transactions, probate, and estate planning. Mrs. Bondy puts her knowledge […]

La Tarjeta Verde de habilidad extraordinaria EB-1

Washington – Las leyes de inmigración de los Estados Unidos permiten que las personas que demuestren habilidades excepcionales o sobresalientes en sus campos de experiencia soliciten una tarjeta de residencia basada en sus habilidades extraordinarias. Las Tarjetas Verdes basadas en Habilidades Extraordinarias se encuentran en la primera categoría de preferencia basada en el empleo (EB-1) […]