Jack Brack Road


Jack Brack Road

Osceola County's Department of Transportation and Transit (“OCDOT”) is currently engaged in a Conceptual Roadway Design Study (“Study”) to evaluate improvements to the Narcoossee Community Roadways. This study includes Jones Road, Jack Brack Road, and Cyrils Drive. There are no current commitments for this project which have gone through the Capital Improvements Plan and Budget approval process. OCDOT has recommended adoption of the Study plans and recommendations; upon approval of the Study, OCDOT would move forward to the Design phase of the project. The proposed improvements to Jack Brack Road include a two-lane divided roadway, sidewalks, and buffered bike lanes. Construction is estimated to cost $13.5 Million, right of way has not yet been budgeted.

Project Link:

Narcoossee Roadways Conceptual Design Study Page

(For a property owner list, project schedule, or detailed funding information, please contact our office by clicking here)

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